Multi effects pedal

A multi effects pedal contains many different effects in a single unit. There are many different kinds of multi effects, ranging from very small to very large. Some multi effects pedals are entirely digital (i.e. the Line6 M5), some are completely analog (i.e. the vintage Ibanez UE300) and some have a mix of both (i.e. the TC Electronic Nova System).

Advantages of the multi effects pedal

A multi effects pedal has a couple of important advantages over multiple single effect pedals:

  • A multi effects pedals means less cabling. This is great. Cabling is not only expensive, but also susceptible for errors: If one cable goes out, you have to check your entire system to find it. So in some ways multi effects pedals are more reliable than larger pedalboards with multiple single effect pedals.
  • Presets: Many multi effects pedals give the opportunity to define presets. This can be extremely useful when playing live. You can easily switch to a new setting by pressing just one button.
  • More bang for the buck: For a couple of hundred dollars you can find a very good multi effects pedal with more effects than you could ever wish for. If you would want all these possibilities through single effect stompboxes, your pedalboard would be many times more expensive.

Disadvantages of the multi effects pedal

A multi effects pedal also has some disadvantages:

  • Its well possible that you do not like all the effects. If you, for instance, don’t like the overdrive sounds from the multi effect, you won’t be able to switch it for another overdrive.
  • Multi effects pedals usually have an enormous amount of possibilities. Therefore it can be more complicated to find the sound you’re looking for compared to single effects pedals.

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